Jillian Schallock » Staff

Jillian Schallock » Staff

Jillian Schallock

Mortgage Consultant NMLS #2114398
Cell Phone: 651-210-3080 Work Fax: 844-270-1736
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My name is Jillian Schallock and I am grateful to be a part of M&M Mortgage! We have an incredible team here that has allowed me to establish a very rewarding career as a loan officer. Prior to mortgages, my background was early childhood education. I believe I am a teacher at heart and education is a big part of my process with each client as we walk through your purchase or refinance, whether you are someone who wants all the details or just the bullet points. You can never ask me too many questions, that is my favorite part! Being a broker is special because every person’s situation is unique and therefore every mortgage is unique, and with our wide variety of lenders I am able to put that puzzle together to find the most beneficial loan product for you. The wide variety of loan products we have also allows me the ability to say yes to so many more people and offer solutions that are sometimes life changing and that is an incredible feeling! I like to build relationships with each of my clients that last beyond the closing table so you will always have a mortgage professional to reach out to as a resource, refer your friends and family to, or even come back to for another purchase or refinance down the road.

I was born and raised in MN but spent a handful of years in CO living in or next to the mountains. Although MN is home, I will forever be homesick for the mountains. I have a household full of two awesome kids, a golden retriever named Penny, a cat named Goose, and a tank full of fish. When I am not working with my clients my favorite things to do are the simple things: spend time with family and close friends, preferable doing something outside! I am a coffee freak and was a certified roaster for 11 years so aside from my expertise in helping you choose the right mortgage; I can also help you choose the right coffee (also very important).


“I want to thank Jillian Schallock for working with me on my refi. Jillian was patient and gave me options, not just one option, but 3 options. Jillian explained what to expect and I was so happy to see her at my closing. No pressure and very happy with my results. Look forward to working with Jillian, in the future.”

“I worked with Jillian on my Homes Refinance and she was great! She answered all my questions in a way that was easy for me to understand and she was very quick to respond to me. I feel she got me a great new payment and was able to get the closing done quickly.”

“M&M Mortgage help us wyith our re-fi and what a wonderful experience we had. Jillian really provided the best customer service. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of her job. Jillian answered all questions while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Thank you for a great experience.”

“We were lucky enough to work with Mortgage Specialist, Jillian Schallock, during our refinance. Jillian was incredibly informative, responsive, professional, all whole still making you feel at ease and like you were working with a friend, who truly had your best interests in mind throughout the process. I would highly recommend her and if we ever need anything in the future, we will definitely be seeking Jillian out again.”

“HELLO, WE’RE VERY PLEASED TO HAVE WORKED WITH JILLIAN SCHALLOCK, M&M Mortgage consultant! She’s very cheerful, caring, efficient, very easy to work with. She is also patient. She helps you
understand every detail. Awesome person. Great company. I with recommend other to use this company. They took a lot of the stress of my husband and I. So nice. Don’t hesitate. Jillian will walk you through every step. Thanks again. Blessings to you all.”

“Jillian Schallock with M&M was truly a professional and knowledgeable mortgage specialist to help with my refi. She made it streamlined and kept me informed during the entire process. She provided me with accurate info so I could move forward. I would gladly recommend her to anyone I know that is in the market for a mortgage.”

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